Where do I buy Racing Champions Mint cars?

In the black menu bar of this website, click the “Where to Buy” button.  You’ll see the different chain stores that sell Racing Champions Mintvehicles.  They’re also available from online retailers and hobby shops nationwide.

Why can’t I find Racing Champions Mint cars in my area?

Mint cars are sold to mass market stores nationwide and most of their stores will carry them.  But “most” is not all.  Specific stores are determined by our mass market partners.

Are Mint cars sold outside of the United States?

Yes.  But at this time they’re not sold by any major chain stores.  Look online for toy stores and hobby shops.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar retail store?


I bought a defective car.  How do I get a replacement?

First, return it to the store where you purchased it for replacement or refund.  If they refuse please use the Contact Us button above to explain the situation.  We stand by our products and will make sure you get a replacement if the item is still available.



Does the Mint line have a chase car?

Yes.  It’s called the Gold Strike.

What do Gold Strike cars look like?

Gold Strike chase cars will have at least one gold trait such as gold-chrome rims,or a metallic gold body, interior, or chassis.  Sometimes these are combined with white tires, rims, or interiors.  But you won’t see a white body.  Those are reserved for Johnny Lightning White Lightning cars.

How many Gold Strike cars does Round 2 make?

Two percent of the production run for any given casting in a release will be a Gold Strike car.  They’re randomly inserted into the shipping boxes at the factory.



Why is the name Racing Champions used with the Mint cars?

They have nothing to do with racing.

Racing Champions is the name of the company that originally produced the Mint series and originally they specialized in racing vehicles.  But in 1996 they introduced the Mint line which featured stock versions of popular cars.  The name Racing Champions was well-known so the word “Mint” was added to the end to denote the new series.

Do all Racing Champions Mint cars have soft rubber tires?


How do I suggest models to make?

We listen to our collectors and they often post recommendations on the official Racing Champions Mint Facebook page which we read daily.

How do I submit other product ideas?

In the black menu bar of this website, click the “Contact Us” button.  Send us a message that you want to present an idea or ideas and someone from our legal department will contact you.

What’s the difference between a test shot and a pre-production sample?

Test shots are made during the development process of the mold for a new model.  We also use them to test the viability of molds long out of service.  The test shots are usually painted solid white or red and they won’t have painted details like headlights and bumpers.

Pre-production cars are the next step.  The mold has been finalized and the car can be added to an assortment.  Colors and wheels are chosen and the factory makes a sample.  Any corrections for final production will use the pre-production model as a reference.  For example, if the body paint is the wrong shade of green, that will be noted.  If the factory used the incorrect rims that will be pointed out and adjusted for final production.

Can I buy test shots or pre-production samples from Round 2?

No.  These aren’t sold by us.  They become part of the archive for the brand.  However, if there are any extras they are sometimes given away for charity raffles or contests.



What is Round 2?

Round 2 LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of Racing Champions® replicas and Johnny Lightning® toys.  Its family of brands also includes Auto World® die-cast and electric slot cars, AMT®, MPC®, Lindberg®, and Polar Lights® model kits, American Muscle® and Ertl Custom & Premium Collectibles®.

What is Racing Champions?

Racing Championswas incorporated in 1989 and was based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  They manufactured die-cast race car miniatures, NASCAR souvenirs, and non-racing automobile miniatures like the Mint line.

What is Ertl?

Ertl was founded in 1945 and originally made replicas of tractors and other farm equipment.  They eventually expanded to include Structo stamped steel vehicles, plastic model kits from AMT and MPC, and die-cast models of cars in various scales.  Racing Champions acquired Ertl in 1999 and the company became known as Racing Champions Ertl.  Some of the high-detail Ertl 1:64th-scale automobiles are included in the Round 2 produced Racing Champions Mint assortments.

Who owns Racing Champions Mint?

TOMY International owns the trademark name and tooling for Racing Champions Mint cars.  Round 2 licenses the rights to make Racing Champions Mintvehicles from TOMY.  All car and packaging design as well as production is handled by Round 2.

About Round 2, LLC

Round 2, LLC is an innovative collectibles and toy company located in South Bend, IN. The creative team at Round 2 is dedicated to producing detailed, high qualitycollectible and playable items appealing to the young and young at heart. Round 2 brands include Polar Lights®, AMT® and MPC® model kits. Auto World® slot cars,Forever Fun™ seasonal products and the licensed brands Johnny Lightning, Racing Champions, Legends of the Quarter Mile, American Muscle®, Ertl Collectibles® andVintage Fuel™ die cast.

About TOMY International

TOMY International (www.tomy.com) is a leading global designer, producer and marketer of a broad range of innovative, high-quality toys sold to preschoolers, youths and adults under theTOMY® and Ertl® brands as well as products for parents, infants and toddlers marketed under the The First Years®, JJ Cole® Collections and Boon® brands. TOMY International also marketsits products under popular licensed properties such as John Deere, Pokémon, Chuggington, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lamaze, Zootopia, Inside Out, Miles from Tomorrowland, The Good Dinosaur,Winnie the Pooh, Princesses, Cars, Fairies and Toy Story, and other well-known properties. TOMY International’s mission is to make the world smile. TOMY International reaches its targetconsumers through multiple channels of distribution supporting more than 25,000 retail outlets throughout North and South America, Europe and Australia. TOMY International is a whollyowned subsidiary of Japan-based TOMY Company, Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code No. 7867). © TOMY